CRICUT 4 Books in 1: Beginner’s guide + Design Space + Project Ideas + Accessories and Materials. A complete guide to get the most of your Cricut machine with illustrated practical examples


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Are You Looking for the most Complete and Updated Cricut Guide? Do you want to learn from the most expert in Cricut of the United States? Are you ready to become a Cricut expert? If yes, than keep reading…

⭐ Here’s The Ultimate 4 Books In 1 Cricut For Beginners Bundle That Covers Everything! ⭐

Discover The All-Inclusive 4-In-1 Cricut Books Bundle For Cricut Beginners By Lorrie Morocha, the most expert in Cricut of United States!

Now you don’t have to waste your time looking for the most comprehensive Cricut for Beginners book, Cricut Project Ideas book, or Cricut Design Space book anymore.

The first book in this bundle, Cricut for Beginners, will help you: 

✅ Discover The Latest Cricut Machines (Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut EasyPress 2 & More)

✅ Understand The Different Cricut Accessories & Tools (Cartridges, Craft Tools, Pens, Cutting Blades & More)

✅ Learn How To Use Your Cricut Machine (Cutting Mats, Accessories, Print & Cut Calibration & More)

And Once Your Learn The Ins & Outs Of Your Cricut Machine, Move On To The Projects:

The second book, Cricut Project Ideas, will offer you:

✅35 Creative Projects – create bookmarks, birthday cards, tumblers, pet collars, cake toppers, coasters, dog tags, and more!

✅No More Guesswork: each project comes with step-by-step illustrated instructions for 100% success.

✅100 DIY Project Ideas: find inspiration and dazzle everyone with your awesome DIY projects. 

Got Your Project Idea? Great! Learn How You Can Use Design Space To Bring It To Life: 

The third book, Cricut Design Space, will cover:

✅Design Space Basics and Project Design – learn basic Cricut terms, start a new project, and edit your objects. 

✅Images & Design Space – how to search for cartridges, how to purchase images, how to upload your own images, and how to edit images with layers)

✅Advanced Design Space Tips & Tricks – how to add shadows to letters, how to make multi-layer vinyl, and how to sell your designs for profit. 

Lastly, let discover wich accessories and materials you can use with your Cricut Machine

The fourth book, Cricut Accessories and Materials, will cover:

✅ Materials To Be Used In Cricut Machine

✅ Accessories To Be Used In Cricut Machine

✅ How To Choose The Best Materials For Your Cricut Machine

✅ How To Work With Different Materials

Want To Spoil Your Loved Ones? Look No Further! 

Ideal for Cricut rookies, intermediate Cricut crafters, and seasoned veteran Cricut DIY-ers, this 3-book bundle will make the most thoughtful and creative gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, grandmother or granddaughter who wants to use her time (and her brand new Cricut machine) creatively!

What You Get: 

Book 1: Cricut for Beginners: A beginner’s guide to mastering your Cricut Machine and Design Space. An updated and detailed step-by-step guide with project ideas and illustrated examples to decorate your spaces and objects

Book 2: Cricut Project Ideas: An illustrated guide with 35 Cricut projects explained step by step plus 100 DIY ideas to inspire you. Projects include working with iron-on vinyl, easy adhesive vinyl, easy cardstock, and much more!

Book 3: Cricut Design Space: A step by step beginner’s guide to mastering Design Space. An update, illustrated and detailed guide with screenshots and Tips and Tricks to turn your Cricut projects into reality!

Book 4: Cricut Accessories and Materials: The definitive guide to making the most of your Cricut machine by using the right accessories and materials

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